Start of the application campaign for the European Forum for Young Professionals «Pilorama Lab» (Perm-«Perm 36», July 24-28, 2013)

26 Мар


The Annual European Forum for Young Professionals “Pilorama Lab” offers young people from all over Europe working in public administration, business, NGOs, universities, think tanks and other spheres of professional engagement a unique communication and exchange platform for civil society issues.

Main goals of “Pilorama Lab” are to update the common European agenda in different fields of life, transfer knowledge and best practices as well as develop partner networks.

“Pilorama Lab” will take place on July 24–28, 2013 in Perm and at “Perm 36”, the only GULAG museum in Russia.


The programme of “Pilorama Lab” 2013 includes five workshops:

Urban Space. Sustainability. Future
Multinational Europe: Future Scenarios
Social Entrepreneurship
History. Identity. Intercultural Dialogue

“Pilorama Lab” is connected to the International Civil Forum “Pilorama”, which has been held at the Memorial Centre of the History of Political Repressions “Perm 36” since 2005. “Pilorama” offers space for dialogue, discussions, and reflection on challenges of the global world. This year, “Pilorama Lab” will contribute to “Pilorama” with two discussions: Europe and the Crisis; Civic Journalism.


Working languages of “Pilorama Lab” are English and Russian.

Please submit your application before May 31, 2013 at

Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us via e-mail:

See you in Perm!


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